Public Health Is…Including Doctors in the “Public” in Public Health

Written by: Sophie Egan and Cristin Weekley In 1984, the posthumously famous 18-year-old, Libby Zion, died in an emergency room in part because she had been left in the care of two sleep-deprived, under-supervised residents. At the time, doctors regularly worked 36-hour shifts.[1] Over decades of crusading by Libby’s father Sidney Zion, among others, reform […]

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Public Health is…Protecting Ourselves, Protecting Others

Written by Christina Moore, Edited by Nancy Pham Coughing spells at night, vomiting after dinner, and severe fatigue – not symptoms usually associated with a healthy high school freshman. No medical diagnosis could be offered, so the family practitioner prescribed nausea medication to decrease the vomiting, but the fatigue continued and the coughing spells lasted […]

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