Public Health is…Voting

When we think of health, we tend to think of it as an individual concern, a private matter between doctor and patient. We like to tell ourselves that a combination of lifestyle choices and genetics determine our health. Bullsh*t. Public health is the radical notion that health is political. We study how society and environment […]

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Public Health Is…Building a Strong Healthcare Workforce

Earlier this summer, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) cleared its last major political hurdle, following the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold most of the law as constitutional.   Now that uncertainty about the law’s fate has largely dissipated (repeal is difficult, even after the election), healthcare leaders are shifting their focus to figuring out how in […]

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Public Health is…Good Hand Hygiene

It was 1846 in Vienna when a man named Ignaz Semmelweis made the connection that doctors who were not washing their hands between performing autopsies and delivering babies were spreading puerperal fever to those mothers giving birth.  As this discovery was well before the understanding of germs, he blamed cadaverous particles for causing these infections. […]

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