Public Health is…the future.

Public health is incredibly important to our everyday lives, but it can
sometimes be hard to explain exactly what it is. To kick off our blog and
make this conversation a bit easier, we’ve created this light-hearted video
for your viewing pleasure. In addition to talking about the various ways
that public health impacts our lives, we thought this was a good example of
how to use technology to communicate health messages, especially to younger

10 thoughts on “Public Health is…the future.

  1. I loved the way you communicated the meaning of public health through this adorable father and daughter dialogue! Very creative and fun to watch. Everyone can send this to their parents and children so they will get it too!

  2. ha! That was awesome! I’ve not seen this style of video before, but it was certainly a lighthearted way of explaining what public health is. Looking forward to future installments.

  3. What a creative and fun idea! You both did a great job of introducing our blog in a relevant and visually attractive presentation. I might try to incorporate this character/dialogue platform for a presentation in the future.

  4. You did an excellent job both content wise, and by incorporating all of the visual details for this “conversation”! I love the accessibility of this post – it’s both fun and informative. Great way to kick it off!

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